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We like what we do

Photography is a great way to relive your past in your present. Photos help in experiencing the beautiful moments and emotions of any occasion. You are going through with wedding photos, corporate photos and any pictures. The best photo will automatically broad your jaws. Thus, hiring a professional Dubai videographer or photographer is vital when planning your special day in your personal and professional life. Gone are those days when photography was always considered least than other things on every occasion. Nowadays, it has become the priority of all.
You are planning a wedding or corporate event; people look for the right photographer. As a famous photographers Dubai. We capture the best shots of your occasion. We capture the moments, emotions & mood in all our shots & ensure that our photos depict a scene. A professional photographer is not all about capturing pictures & shooting videos. It is about the highlighting of their creativity, experience, skills & knowledge. We are a reliable & reputed photo studio Dubai known for our best results. We have secured several years of experience & put all our efforts to deliver the best service.


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Photographer in Dubai

On occasion, several things are going on from the preparations of florist, caterers, bridal, wedding dress and many more. First, hire our professional photographers from our photo studio Abu Dhabi. As experienced corporate and events photographers, we know all the ways and styles of capturing photos. You are confused to spare money on a professional photographer or not. Then it is okay about this dilemma. However, we recommend you hire the best among all if you want to preserve the moments of your special occasion.
Photography helps in depicting the story of any event. You can preserve the pictures for an extended period as a memory. Whenever you see it, you will find tears rolling on your cheeks. Thus, hiring a professional photographer to enjoy such happy moments whenever you see photo albums is necessary. Good shots demand the talented and skilled photographer behind the camera. You either look for wedding, party and corporate photographer Dubai. Our professional and experienced photographer ends your search. We provide fantastic photography service to all our patrons. Book our professional photographers for all occasions. We work for films, ad shoots and so on. We aim to become the best photographer for all.

Looking For An Expert Photographer Near Me In Dubai?

Dubai Photographer provides one of Dubai’s top leading photography services. We have plenty of Dubai-based photographers on our platform to hear about your shoot. Whether you are having a business event around the city, a wonderful wedding, or getting some family portraits in a scenic location, Dubai Photographer will provide you with the best local photographer for your requirements. We specialize in portrait photography, fashion photography, corporate photography & videography, wedding shots, last-minute wedding photography, and event organizer services. With Dubai Photographer, you can book a professional & highly skilled photographer for almost anything within a few minutes. Are you Looking for Photographers Near Me in Dubai? Then don’t go beyond Dubai Photographer. Our corporate photographers in Dubai are among the best in the region, with an excellent reputation as leaders and pioneers in product photography, food photography, contemporary interior photography, and professional headshot photography.

Hire Top Renowned & Professionally Trained Photographers In Dubai

We will match you with a top professional, vetted photographer who best suits your needs. Need a Photographer in Dubai? At Dubai Photographer, we believe that every moment, big or small, is infinitely precious and deserves to be captured. Our professional photographers and videographers are handpicked and highly trained by the world’s most sought-after artists and photographers. Our unique style and passion for high-quality commercial and family photography have helped us gain many high-profile clients in Dubai. We deliver unparalleled quality, creativity, and reliability with an exceptionally high level of service that helps us nurture life-long relationships with our clients. At Dubai Photographer, we love what we do and certainly can’t imagine doing anything else.

Consult Our Experienced Videographers in Dubai

Are you Looking a Videographer in Dubai? Need a Videographer in Dubai who is highly passionate about videography? Consult with our top-class videographers in Dubai. Are you searching for a photography & videography company in Dubai, or do you have a specific photography project in mind? Feel free to contact our experienced professional photographers. We’re always interested in talking about new initiatives, creative ideas, or ways to be a part of your vision. Let’s work together to create something great!

Passionate Wedding Photographers in the UAE

Marriages are made in heaven and then solemnized on the ground. We take extra precautions to capture your memorable wedding photography moments creatively and expressively. Our highly passionate team of wedding photographers in Dubai has toured the world to create stunning, authentic, and one-of-a-kind images that encapsulate the spirit of each festival, tradition, and event. We are one of the Top 5 Photographers in UAE. We take pride in our ability to give traditional wedding images an aesthetic twist by combining contemporary photography with expressive documentaries. We don’t consider ourselves wedding photographers; instead, we consider ourselves a group of artists that capture romantic, emotional, and fun photographs for the married couple to treasure for a lifetime.

Dubai Photographer – One of the Top 5 Professional Videographers in the UAE!

With over a decade of experience in corporate videography, we know exactly what our clients require, from professional video content to personal branding and digital marketing. Be it a single-camera interview shoot or a full-fledged multi-camera shoot for a TV commercial. We know precisely how to handle your most demanding video production requirements. Our team consists of one of the Top 5 Videographers in UAE. As a premier videography company in Dubai, we offer our ideas and expertise to make your videos a success. Whether you’re looking to promote a new product or capture the highlights of your annual company event, our specially designed videos are great for compellingly conveying any message.

Are you looking for a Spin 360 Photo Booth in UAE? Our spin 360-degree photo booth is one of the most innovative photo booths available in the United Arab Emirates, giving our guests a full 360-degree interactive entertainment experience.

Are you Looking for Fashion Photographers in the UAE? Fashion photography is a rapidly growing genre of photography that has exploded in popularity in recent years. Fashion photography’s primary goal is to highlight clothing fabrics, garments, accessories, and footwear. Excellent portraiture, optimal lighting, and attractive locations are all priorities. Photographers frequently inject their aesthetics into their work, giving it a distinct look. Choose our photographer & see what magic they create in their work. Are you Looking for Corporate Photographers? Then you are in the right spot!

Do you want Live Streaming on Youtube in UAE? Need a good option? Then end your search here at Dubai Photographer. We have got you covered!. For more details, call us on 971-522946276 or email us at & our team will connect with you as soon as possible.

We are one of the leading photographers in Dubai known for the best photography.

We did countless photography projects. However, above all people consistently, prefer us whenever they look for a professional photographer in Dubai. This is because we kept our skills brushed and made sure that each of our projects stood out.

Happy Customer

What Our Client Tells About Us

Abdulraman is an Excellent, creative and high quality photographer. Him and his team went far and beyond in making our event stunning and beautiful. They were on time and the attention to detail with regard to what we wanted from them was very good. The photos and video came out great. Very creative and unique. They organized not only a video and photo shoot but also an excellent photobooth session and an extra event session at a very good price. The communication was very good and they are easy to work with. Thank you for making our day so special, most importantly, during covid-19 times.
Staajabu Mwafrica
Guys to tell you the truth... there might be like plethora of photographers in town... but from my personal experience... i would strongly recommend everyone to choose #ManiBhai for their special days/events... He & his team to tend to be so professional...they can literal go out of the way to make sure everything is done appropriately and perfectly..... i recent had to go thru lots of mishaps at my wedding bt the way they managed everything so smoothly that it gave me such relief... mani bhai this is not for thr rating...these words are straight from my heart.. may Allah give u lots of success in this life and hereafter.... Ameen!!
Asma Muhammad

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